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Other Services

We understand that clients often require much more and so we have made it a point to go the extra mile for you. Our Direct Debit services are an advantage to our clients and provide end-to-end resolutions and service. We ensure smooth and hassle free Direct Debit Collection and Direct Debit Payments as well.

If you are concerned that our management systems will not merge with the existing systems you have at your organization then you have nothing to fear. We have designed our systems to be fully compatible with almost every form of accounting and custom built software for the corporate sector. In fact our direct debit systems are also fully compliant with AUDDIS, which is the BACS system to set-up new Direct Debit Payments.

So if you are either in Kent or North London, Essex, Chelmsford or Colchester and Ipswich you have only to make a phone call and make an appointment to embark on a journey of independence and greater control over your Payroll and other aspects of your business that hinder you from giving 100 percent towards productivity.